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Exams and policies

In this section you will find information about exams and student policies.


You are responsible for checking when and where your exams are held.

You can do this by checking your timetable in studentConnect.

On the Student Administration website, you will find detailed information on results, appeals, deferred examinations, exam clashes, exam papers, rules and who to contact for further information about exams.

Student policies

Student procedures, rules and policies are all listed in the UWA handbook.

Special consideration

Special consideration allows Faculties to take into account significant and unforeseen factors that may have affected your academic preparation or performance.

Consideration may be given for significant personal illness, the death or serious illness of someone close to you, or other significant circumstances that compromise your studies.

Review and appeal of academic decisions

Under the University Student Rules 43 and 44 a student may appeal against academic decisions relating to them.

UWA strongly recommends that students informally discuss their concerns with the relevant unit co-ordinator or academic staff member PRIOR to lodging a formal request for review, but should note that formal requests for review must be lodged within 5 working days of receipt of the academic decision.

The policy and procedure, including definitions of 'Academic Decisions' can be found in the University Policy on Review and Appeal of Academic Decisions Relating to Students


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