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Award winners are eligible for entry into the national award competition: Australian Learning & Teaching Council Awards.

University Awards

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Excellence in Teaching Awards

Is there a lecturer or tutor you think is doing a fantastic job this year?

The Excellence in Teaching Awards are a way of recognising and rewarding outstanding teaching within the Faculty, whether this be on campus, in research, in practice or in placements. It is an opportunity to acknowledge those teachers who make a real difference to the learning experience of students. Categories are:

  1. Awards for Teaching Excellence
  2. Award for Research Supervision Excellence
  3. Award for a Project that Enhances Learning

Service Award category

Do you think there is a professional or academic member of staff that has contributed greatly towards student learning and/or the University?

The Award for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning honours the achievements of all staff in the under-recognised aspects of working life. The Service Award aims to acknowledge the contributions made in the areas of outreach, collaboration, and collegiality, whether this be on campus or in the broader community.


Semester 2 nominations for the Faculty of Arts Teaching and Service Awards have now closed. The next round of nominations will be in Semester 1 2016.


For further explanation of the awards and categories, see the documents below:

FTSA Guidelines [PDF, 416.2 KB]
Updated 24 Sep 2015

FTSA Guidelines [RTF, 199.1 KB]
Updated 24 Sep 2015

FTSA Coversheet [PDF, 225.4 KB]
Updated 24 Sep 2015

FTSA Coversheet [RTF, 74.2 KB]
Updated 24 Sep 2015


Guidelines for invited applicants

If you have been invited to proceed with your application please refer to the guidelines below: