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Enrolment and timetables

UWA offers you online access to effectively manage your enrolment.

  1. Timetables
  2. Changing your enrolment
  3. Invalid units
  4. Deferring your studies
  5. Credit for previous study
  6. Study at another university in Australia


To register for laboratory and tutorial classes, use the Class Allocation System (CAS). This is available a few weeks before the start of each semester.

If any of your units do not allow for online class registration, you will need to visit the relevant discipline or school office, or attend your first lecture for more information.

Use online timetables for all other information related to classes. If you can't find information for your unit, contact the school which teaches that unit.

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Changing your enrolment

In the majority of cases, you can change your enrolment online through studentConnect.

For further details, including relevant cut-off dates, consult the UWA handbooks.

Further information on undergraduate transfers is available on the Student Administration website.

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Invalid unit

When you enrol online in a unit and it is identified as invalid, contact the Faculty office.

You should still attend lectures, laboratory and tutorial classes marked as invalid until you've received advice from the Faculty.

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Deferring your studies

If you are planning to take time off, and are not enrolled for any part of an academic year, you must fill out an Approved Leave application online through StudentConnect.

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Credit for previous study

Students wishing to credit previous study, either from UWA or another approved institution, towards their current degree must fill out an Advanced Standing form on the Student Administration website. The form must be submitted to the Student Office for consideration by the student advisor.

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Study at another university in Australia

Students who wish to study on a cross-institutional basis should complete the Cross-institutional Admission and Enrolment form on the Student Administration website. Bring the completed form along with a brief outline of the unit(s) you intend to study to the student advisor for approval.

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