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As a UWA student, you may find the following information useful.


At enrolment you will create a Pheme password.  Your Pheme password is used to Login to all UWA systems and you will use it constantly throughout your degree.

If you forget your password you can answer a ‘Challenge Question’ set up by you at your enrolment session.

If you cannot remember the answer to your Challenge Question please see the administrator at IC to request a new one.

From time to time you will be asked to reset your password and will be notified when it will expire. It is very important that you check your UWA email account regularly to receive these notifications.

UWA email account

As a UWA student you are allocated a UWA email account. Your email address will be as follows:

UWA student (e.g.

Important information will be emailed to you throughout the year, including enrolment/re-enrolment details, Pheme password renewals, graduation information and other messages that require action.  Ignorance of an instruction because you failed to check your student email is not accepted as an excuse by the University.  If you email a query to the University from an email address other than your student email address, you may find the response is sent to your student email, as the University actively discourages its staff and students from using hotmail and similar addresses in official correspondence due to the risk of unnecessary and unfriendly SPAM.  It is therefore preferable, and more efficient, to use your formal student email address for all official email correspondence.

LMS (Learning Management System)

Each unit has its own website within LMS.  This is the place to find all your unit material, lecture recordings, and important information relating to your particular unit.  Many units also require you to submit your assignments online via LMS.  Check it regularly for notices and discussion board conversations.  You will need your Student ID number and Pheme password to login.

Student Connect

By using Student Connect you can view your results, enrol and re-enrol for future units and change your address details.  You will need your Student ID number and Pheme password to login.

Order of names

In Australia, it is common practice to address correspondence Given Name and then Family Name, e.g. Mr Thomas Smith, or Dr Linda Ng.  Prior to graduation you will be given an opportunity to dictate the precise order of any naming that will appear on your degree.  The order cannot be changed until then so that duplicate records for one student do not occur.

Last dates for adding or withdrawing from a unit

If you are considering withdrawing from a unit you should consult the IC office for advice, as there are special dates to consider when adding or withdrawing from units.  It is IMPORTANT that you check these dates with the Administration Office at Crawley.

For the latest dates please refer to the Student Administration website.

The census date refers to the date by which you must finalise your unit enrolment.  Enrolling in a unit after this date will incur a late fee.  The late fee is administered by UWA Student Administration and is not a levy imposed by IC.  Withdrawing from a unit after the census date (but before the academic withdrawal date) will result in a grade of WD, which is recorded on your formal academic record.

The academic withdrawal date is the date by which you must withdraw from a unit of study to avoid a fail grade (academic penalty).  Withdrawing after this date will result in a grade of FN (fail due to non-completion), which is recorded on your formal academic record.

No withdrawals are permitted after the last class in a unit.


Each student is able to see their GPA and WAM calculations through Student Connect, under ‘progression’.  Units for which a student has withdrawn without academic penalty are not counted in these calculations.  Units granted as advanced standing/credit are not included as they are recorded without any numerical result.


GPA is a student’s Grade Point Average for the whole course based on their achievement.  It is intended to convert your average grade into a seven-point figure on a scale, where 7 equals high distinction.  

Your GPA is calculated on 7 points as follows:

HD = 7
D = 6
CR = 5
P = 4
N+ / N / FS = 0


WAM is a student’s Weighted Average Mark for the whole course based on their current achievement.  This is an average mark taken over all the units which they have completed.  Student with a high WAM (i.e. 80 and above) are obviously very good students.  Students with a low WAM (i.e. below 50) would be considered to be very poor students.  The marks used in the WAM calculations fall into the same grading system as the marks for each unit do, where a WAM of 80 – 100 equals high distinction.

Transferring to Crawley campus

Students studying at IC are eligible to apply for transfer to the UWA Crawley Campus to complete their studies in Western Australia.  All units passed at CDP prior to transfer will continue to be included on each student’s academic record.  Students who wish to transfer to the Crawley Campus should request an ‘Application to Transfer to Crawley Campus’ form from IC office.

If you intend staying on campus you should contact one of the University colleges as soon as possible (as soon as you decide to transfer – don’t wait until you receive an offer from UWA) as places are very competitive.  You can read more about your accommodation options here.

Student Services at UWA offer great advice and support to all students and you should check out their website before you arrive.

Please see further information about studying at Crawley.

Completion of course and graduation

On satisfactory completion of all requirements of your course (minimum 144 credit points) you will be eligible to graduate – that is to have your degree conferred to you by the University.  You can choose to attend a graduation ceremony at the Crawley campus in Perth or have the degree conferred ‘in absentia’.

Prospective graduands should visit the graduations website or askUWA for the latest information.

Presentation ceremony

Hong Kong IC Presentation Ceremony

Each year, a Presentation Ceremony is held in Hong Kong to acknowledge the achievements of students from HKU SPACE IC who have completed their degree.  Whilst it is not a formal graduation ceremony all students are individually acknowledged. Students are required to wear academic regalia.

Students do not receive their degree certificate at the ceremony; instead they must attend the Graduation Ceremony at the Crawley Campus in Perth or receive it ‘in absentia’. Attending the Presentation Ceremony in Hong Kong does not exclude students from attending the official Graduation Ceremony in Perth.

We will send out more detailed information about the ceremony to eligible students closer to the event.

Official transcripts of academic record & statement of qualification

The official transcript of your academic record at the University lists all the units you have taken, with your final grade and percentage mark in each.  It also gives your weighted average mark (WAM) over the whole course, plus a grade-point average (GPA).  Units granted as credit/advanced standing are listed on the transcript but are not included in the calculation of WAM or GPA, as no marks are recorded for these units.

Graduands who require a Statement of Qualification for employment purposes (until their formal Graduation Certificate becomes available) can obtain one from Student Administration at UWA.  A Statement of Qualification is an official letter from the University stating a student’s completion for degree/award, graduation details if applicable and that all instruction is conducted in English.  No units or results are listed.

They can be ordered here.

Student charter

Charter of student rights and responsibilities


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