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A range of organisations have hosted students involved in the Arts Practicum unit.

You are advised not to approach potential hosts from our previous hosts list. You can however, pursue your own contacts and placements with the understanding that the final approval and liaison for the placement will be undertaken by the Arts Practicum Coordinator.

Organisations marked with an asterisk* only host third-year students.

  1. Public sector
  2. Politics and industrial relations
  3. Non-government organisations
  4. Creative industries
  5. Journalism and media
  6. Advertising, communications, marketing and public relations
  7. Business and market research
  8. People management and human resources
  9. Languages and intercultural communication
  10. Heritage, museums, libraries and archives
  11. Sport, leisure and recreation
  12. Universities and research institutes
  13. Albany

Public sector

You are encouraged to browse the range of government departments and agencies.

An effective way to gain a government placement is to identify, as specifically as possible, the department and even the unit you would like to work in. The Arts Practicum coordinator can then approach the appropriate personnel on your behalf.

An alternative way to gain a government placement is to undertake a Public Sector Internship, which is offered in Semester Two every year. Successful applicants for the internship may obtain credit for the experience as an Arts Practicum.

Public sector agencies that have hosted practicum students in the past include:

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Politics and industrial relations

Industrial relations

International relations


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Non-government organisations


Children and youth


Human rights and social justice

Indigenous issues

Mental health


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Creative industries


Film and television

Fine arts



Theatre and dance

Umbrella arts organisations

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Advertising, communications, marketing and public relations

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Business and market research

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People management and human resources

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Languages and intercultural communication

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Heritage, museums, libraries and archives

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Sport, leisure and recreation

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Universities and research institutes

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