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Arts Practicum coordinators

Peter Robinson
Practicum Coordinator /
0407 424 272

Kathryn Watson
Placement Officer /
6488 7224

Before applying for the practicum you must complete a Faculty Approval Form, research possible host organisations, and submit your Expression of Interest.


Deadline for expression of interest for placements in Summer 2017/18: Friday 27th October 2017.

Placements are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, to suitable students who meet the criteria for each organisation (where placements become available). Significant work is undertaken by practicum staff prior to placements being confirmed, so you are strongly encouraged to apply early to avoid disappointment.

Faculty Approval Form and studentConnect

Take the Faculty Approval Form to your student office for completion, to ensure you are eligible to undertake the Arts Practicum unit. If you have space within your study plan and you are eligible to undertake the unit, you can now enrol on to the unit via studentConnect. Your enrolment will remain invalid until a placement has been secured, the whole application process is complete and all relevant documentation is signed by all relevant parties.

Explore your directions and research organisations

Work through the information and questions provided on Exploring directions to determine the type of work that you are interested in pursuing.

Research possible organisations and positions of interest. Use your network, online jobsboards (such as CareerHub, Seek, LinkedIn, CCIWA and so on) and any other avenue you discover. All positions must be pre-approved for use with the practicum unit, so send details of these positions to the Practicum staff as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Finding a position does not guarantee a place on the unit. Furthermore, students with consistently low marks and a poor university record may be declined by host organisations.

A list of some of our previous host organisations can be found here. Please do not contact any of the hosts listed directly, unless you see a specific position advertised. If you would like to pursue one of these organisations, include them in the relevant sections in your Expression of Interest and this will be discussed at your meeting with the Practicum Coordinator.

A small number of positions specifically for practicum units will be posted on CareerHub on 9th October. Follow the instructions on the advertisements to be considered for one of these positions.

Complete the online expression of interest form

Complete the Expression of Interest (EOI) form for Summer placements as soon as possible prior to the deadline above. The sooner you express your interest, the greater chance you have of securing a placement in time for the semester of your choice.

You are required to upload your completed Faculty Approval Form, your resume and a brief cover letter to the EOI, as well as listing 4 organisations of interest. You should therefore prepare these documents and research in advance.

If you would like to express your interest for semester 1 2018, please submit your details here.

Albany students

The procedure for enrolling is exactly the same. Be sure to indicate that you are an Albany student on your expression of interest form, and the Arts Practicum coordinator will forward a copy of your form to the Albany Centre.

Albany students are not required to attend the workshops but must, instead, meet with Albany Centre staff to track progress of their placements.

Meet with the Arts Practicum Coordinator

The Practicum Coordinator will contact you to book a suitable time to meet, upon receipt of your Expression of Interest. The details that you provide on your EOI will form the basis of the discussion. We will use the time to explore your preferences, potential host organisations and we will decide upon the next steps to take.

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