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The African Union's headquarters complex in Addis Ababa.
Photo courtesy of Yilak Kebede.

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Dr David Mickler
UWA Africa Research Cluster

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An Arab Exception? The Role of Civil Society in Tunisia's Democratic Transition

An international symposium hosted by the UNESCO Chair, Cultural Diversity and Social Justice

Deakin University, VIC

Monday 27 July 2015


The so called 'Arab Spring' that began in December 2010 saw a wave of uprisings across the Middle East that promised a new beginning for many countries in the region. However, for the vast majority this has not been the case and the notion of 'spring' has not eventuated in the majority of countries across the region. Indeed, Egypt which seemingly transitioned to a democratic party-based system has returned to old-style autocratic military rule, while both Syria and Libya are locked in protracted civil wars, with Iraq and Yemen looking set to join them.  

*This event features Cluster member Dr. Leila Ben Mcharek as a speaker.




East Africa Oil, Gas and Energy Conference

31st August to 1st September 2015,

Hyatt Regency, Perth, WA


Contact: Steve Kuria 

Many industry experts predict it is the next frontier in oil and gas exploration, with more hydrocarbons discovered in recent years than anywhere else in the world.

Welcome to East Africa Oil, Gas and Energy Conference 2015, an emerging industry event that connects professionals from the Australian oil and gas sector with local governments, project and investmentopportunities.

In Africa there are 54 countries. Australia has embassies in only three. Companies looking to expand, invest or operate in the region are often isolated and face huge support challenges.

*UWA Africa Research Cluster member Jill Stajduhar is a speaker at this event.


—October 2015—


Indian Ocean Rim Laboratory Haematology Congress 2015

Fremantle, WA, 15-16 October 2015


Contact: Professor Wendy N. Erber
 Chairman Congress Organising Committee

The 2015 “Indian Ocean Rim Laboratory Haematology Congress” will be held in Fremantle, near Perth, on 15-16th October 2015. The 2-day programme will cover a broad range of topics in laboratory haematology and be delivered by international experts. The conference will address state-of-the-art aspects as well as cutting-edge developments in laboratory haematology. It will also address aspects of haematology relevant to remote and resource-poor settings in our region.

*UWA Africa Research Cluster member Prof. Wendy Erber is organising this event.


African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP)

Annual Conference 2015, “21st Century Tensions and Transformation in Africa”

Deakin University, Melbourne, 28-30 October 2015


The year 2015 marks the transition from the UN Millennium Development Goals to the new Sustainable Development Goals and in recent years, Africa has been portrayed as being at a cross-roads in terms of development. The continent will be carefully watched as African leaders and communities tackle these newly defined development aspirations. The Economist has dubbed Africa a ‘rising’ and ‘hopeful’ continent. African economies are expected to grow at an impressive average of 6% per year over the next decade and poverty is declining, albeit slowly, from 57% in 1990 to 49% in 2010. Yet, the continent continues to face crises that commentators argue threaten these gains. Ebola has emerged as one of the most significant humanitarian challenges of the last century. The global financial crisis, violent political conflicts, a highly contested food crisis, and a rapid increase in global land grabs also present themselves as threats to development and ‘progress’.

This conference seeks to explore these tensions, and the nature of transformation in Africa and the African diaspora. Panels and papers are encouraged to explore competing visions of Africa. On the one hand, Africa can be seen as the bread basket of the globe, a resource-rich continent brimming with entrepreneurs, innovators, and creative talent, and ripe for rapid industrialisation, economic growth and democratisation. On the other, continued visions of Africa as the dark continent of disease, conflict and scarcity persist. In challenging these competing visions, panels and papers are encouraged to ask what transformations the continent is experiencing. At the same time, panellists should ask who benefits from such transformations, paying particular attention to the inequalities in distribution of the risks and rewards of economic, social, political, cultural and technological change.


Africa Australia Association (AAA)

4th International Forum, “Doing Business in Africa: Linking Australian Education with African Opportunities”

Victoria University, Melbourne, 29-30 October 2015


Contact: Mr Haileluel Gebre-selassie

In 2015, AAA is hosting a fourth international conference on the above theme. This two-day program will provide an intimate setting for participants to discuss existing and future examples of cross border education and training collaboration between Australia and various African countries. It will also focus on emerging themes and opportunities, and aim to directly facilitate relationships to spur the next wave of connectivity and innovation in international education and training.

This year, as well as providing a forum to share information and form partnerships, the 2015 conference will provide a domain to build on this work through networking and discussion of business opportunities. On behalf of the AAA advisory committee, thank you for taking time to give consideration to supporting the 4th International conference this year, we welcome your input and partnership.


—Past events—


Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM)

1st Africa Australia Technical Mining Conference 2015

Adelaide, South Australia, 11-12 June 2015


Contact: Leon Clarke, Manager, Event Operations AusIMM lclarke@ausimm.com.au

This inaugural event is dedicated to addressing the technological gap in the relationship between the African and Australian mining industries. It will provide mining and allied professionals with a forum for high-level technology knowledge transfer, collaboration, cooperation and valuable networking.





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