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The African Union's headquarters complex in Addis Ababa.
Photo courtesy of Yilak Kebede.

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Dr David Mickler
UWA Africa Research Cluster

Cluster events



Why Do Universities Distrust Field Researchers? Indigenous Knowledge and Research Encounters
Presented by Prof. Keyan Tomaselli

University of Johannesburg, South Africa keyant@uj.ac.za
Time & Date: 4 – 5:30 pm,  5 November 2015
Venue:  Law Lecture Theatre 1 (G31), UWA Crawley Campus
Hosted by UWA Africa Research Cluster, Archaeology & Centre for Rock Art Research + Management



Past events


5th Annual Africa-Australia Research Forum

Making Growth Inclusive: The role of mining in the post-2015 development agenda for Africa.

1 September 2015,

Perth, Western Australia.


Contact: David Doepel D.Doepel@murdoch.edu.au


Africa Australia Research Forum

1 September 2015

Novotel Langley Hotel, Perth


Policy Forum – “Australia’s Relationship with Africa”

Background and Aims

Discussions between a range of stakeholders highlighted a collective desire to hold a “Policy Forum” as part of the Africa Australia Research Forum at the 2015 Africa Down Under conference. The Policy Forum provides an opportunity to share different perspectives on the nature, evolution and future of Australia’s broader set of relationships with Africa—including through diplomacy; investment, trade, and industry; development, security and governance; education; and people-to-people linkages—by bringing together Australian and African governments, companies and industry groups, academia, and the not-for-profit and community sectors for a focused discussion.

The Forum will build on an Australian parliamentary inquiry into these relationships tabled in 2011, while considering subsequent policy, industry and other trends. It aims to identify areas of strategic interest, current and potential collaborations, and respective roles and responsibilities within wider social and political contexts in Australia, on the African continent and on the global agenda. The discussion will also consider and evaluate the various instruments available to pursue deeper, more sustainable, and mutually beneficial relationships. The forum will lead to the development of a policy recommendations paper presented in early 2016.

Key questions for discussion

  • What are the most important elements of the contemporary relationship between Australia and the African continent?
  • In what ways are relationships between Africa and Australia evolving? What are some key indicators and trends, and what challenges are emerging?
  • What are the roles of respective sectors in promoting and enhancing this relationship, and what instruments should they use to do so?
  • How might Australia best work with African partners to support the Common African Position on the post-2015 development agenda? What are the roles of the Australian mining industry and civil society in this context?

Outcomes and Next Steps

  1. To canvas a wide set of perspectives by various stakeholders and sectors on the nature, evolution and future of Australia’s relationships with Africa, including on desirable outcomes and available instruments.
  2. To collectively develop a policy recommendations paper presented to the Australian government on further developing Australia’s relationships with Africa to 2025. Contributions will be sought from participants at the forum as well as through additional submissions. The paper will be presented and promoted in early 2016.
  3. To report back on those recommendations and subsequent developments at the Africa Australia Research Forum at ADU in 2016.

Policy Forum Format (morning session to lunch)


Expert Panel: “Australia’s relationship with Africa.”

Chair: Dr David Mickler, University of Western Australia


• Matthew Neuhaus, Assistant Secretary – African Branch, DFAT

• H.E. Molosiwa Selepeng, Botswana High Commissioner and Dean of the African Heads of Mission

• Trish O’Reilly, CEO, AAMIG

Serena Lillywhite, Mining Advocacy Adviser, OXFAM

• Constance Dewan, Vice-President, Organisation of African Communities in WA / Secretary, African Professionals of Australia WA

The chair will introduce panelists and provide some brief context for the establishment and aims of the panel and policy forum. Each panelist will then be invited to spend 5 minutes presenting some introductory remarks / key points in response to any of the key questions outlined above. We will proceed in the order of speakers listed above. This will leave time for a couple of follow up questions to the panel from the audience, moderated by the chair. The aim of the panel is to stimulate discussion in the small groups session to follow by highlighting some key points.



Small groups discussion: “Australia’s relationship with Africa.”

Moderated by Prof. Steve Hall, Curtin University

Participants in the forum will be organised into small groups to discuss the key questions outlined above and respond to issues and views raised by the expert panel. A rapporteur will be appointed from each group to capture the discussions in each group and present the key points raised by their group back to the full room after morning tea.



Morning Tea




Small groups reporting back, and action plan for developing and producing the policy recommendations paper in early 2016

Moderated by Prof. Steve Hall, Curtin University

Reporting back of key points from each small group by rapporteurs; there may also be time in discussion for a couple of additional questions to be addressed by expert panelists. An action plan will be proposed for developing the policy recommendations paper involving forum participants and additional written submissions.


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