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The Faculty of Arts currently hosts the following research clusters:

The Migration Mobilities and Belonging Initiative (MMoB)
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Incorporating perspectives from Anthropology, Sociology, Cultural Studies, Geography, History, Health, and more, MoB draws upon a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques, to investigate how movement generates new forms of subjectivity and new political formations, new uses of space, new forms and imaginings of emplacement and social transformations more generally. We seek to understand and address some of the most urgent social, cultural, political and economic questions of our era.

The Translation and Inter-Cultural Research Cluster (TICRC)

The Translation and Inter-Cultural Research Cluster (TICRC)The TICRC aims to promote research on contemporary language and cultural studies by drawing upon UWA’s research and teaching expertise on Southeast Asian Studies, East Asian Studies, English and Cultural Studies, European Languages and Studies, Linguistics, Sociology and Anthology, Natural Language Engineering and Computing Sciences. It offers a much-needed platform for UWA’s research of and international collaboration on translation and inter-cultural studies to advance understanding of social and cultural issues of contemporary significance such as translation and multilingualism, migration, cross-national identity construction and cross-cultural strategic communications.

UWA Africa Research Cluster
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The UWA Africa Research Cluster was established in May 2015. With inter-faculty and inter-disciplinary membership including from Arts, Science, Law and associates centres and institutes, the Cluster aims to develop, coordinate and promote high-quality and ethical Africa-related research projects at UWA, including by supporting postgraduate and early career research on Africa. As a coordinating mechanism, the Cluster will also provide a point of information and contact for potential collaboration on Africa-related research between researchers from UWA and those locally, nationally and internationally, including in Africa. The Cluster will also develop a number of Africa-related collaborative projects and public events that directly link UWA with interested government, industry, institutional and community stakeholders.


Schools of Humanities, Social Sciences and Music

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