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2017 WIA Program

Women in Asia

Roundtable Speakers

alyAnne Aly

Dr Anne Aly is the Labor Federal Member for Cowan elected in 2016. Anne’s background is as a Professor, Academic and Practitioner in the fields of counter terrorism and counter radicalism. She has published over 50 articles and texts on terrorism and related issues and is the author and editor of five books. Prior to becoming an academic she worked in government industry. Anne is the founder of Australia’s first non-government organization to combat violent extremism. People against Violent Extremism (PaVE) is a not for profit organisation that developed a social media campaign against violent extremism and delivered a series of hackathons to harness young people’s skills and talents to address issues in their communities. Anne’s contributions to national and international security have been recognised internationally. In 2015 she was the only Australian civil society representative to be invited to speak at President Obama’s White House Summit on CVE. Later that year, she was again the only Australian representative to participate in the Club de Madrid +10 policy dialogues. Anne has also been an expert adviser to the UN Security Council. In 2011 Anne was inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame. In 2014, she was named one of Australia’s 100 most Influential Women by Westpac/Fin Review. In 2016 was awarded the Instyle Woman of Style award in the category of Community and Charity. Also in 2016 Anne was nominated for Australian of the Year and received the prestigious Australian Security Medal.   

josiahIvy Josiah

Ivy Nallammah Josiah, a women’s rights advocate, is the former Executive Director of Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO). WAO opened Malaysia’s first Refuge for battered women and their children. Ivy has developed, promoted and implemented WAO’s Refuge Services, and coordinated its public education programmes and advocacy work on the issue of violence against women and rights of women in the family. Ivy expanded WAO to set up the 2nd and 3rd Centre, i.e. the Child Care Centre (1991) and the WAO Centre (2004). Ivy is active in regional and international advocacy through two regional organizations: Asia Pacific Women, Law & Development Forum (APWLD) and International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific (IWRAW AP). As a feminist, she strives to inculcate the core values of feminism, democracy and justice into her work and personal life. She is a member of Five Arts Centre (FAC), and has produced several plays not only for FAC but other theatre companies. She is currently authoring a book on the women’s movement in Malaysia, producing for FAC and KiniTV, and remains active in civil society in Malaysia.

JungKyungja Jung

Dr Kyungja Jung is Senior Lecturer in Social and Political Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia. Her academic interests are experientially grounded in and inspired by her involvement in women's activism in Australia and Korea. She was the major founding member of the first rape crisis centre in South Korea, established in 1991. Drawing on feminist theory(s) of intersectionality of gender and sexuality her research has been interested in mapping the gendered nature of social processes from cross-cultural and interdisciplinary approaches. Her research has been published in academic journals including, Sexualities, Hecate, Pacific Review, Asian Survey, Asian Journal of Women’s Studies and International Review of Korean Studies and has book chapters in Women's Movements: Flourishing or in Abeyance and The Work of Policy: An International Survey. She has also published a co-authored book Sex Trafficking Or Shadow Tourism?: The Lives of Foreign Sex Workers in Australia (2009 with Jang, H, Dalton, B and Wilson, R.) Her book Practicing Feminism in South Korea: The Women’s Movement Against Sexual Violence (London: Routledge) was published in 2014.

CarolCarol Kaplanian

Dr Carol Kaplanian completed a PhD on ‘Honour-based Violence in Jordan’ in 2015 and has a Bachelor’s Degree in social work and social policy, plus a Masters in social work. She specialises in clinical counselling and working with victims of torture and trauma, the latter of which involved spending an extensive amount of time working in Jordanian refugee camps offering counselling and education to refugees. Today, she is the State Coordinator for Female Genital Cutting/Mutilation (training and education) at the Department of Health. She is also responsible for developing training on Family and Domestic Violence (CaLD communities) for the Department of Health. She also works at ISHAR as a therapist in a clinical setting providing therapy to refugees and migrants, mostly around domestic violence, and teaches counselling at the University of Notre Dame. Carol is in the process of publishing her PhD as a book, and publication of several journal articles are on their way. Her research area interest lies in the topic of trauma, gender based violence, domestic violence, refugee and asylum seeker issues and sexual violence. 

HannahHannah McGlade

Dr Hannah McGlade is a Noongar human rights lawyer and researcher. She is the Senior Indigenous Research Fellow at Curtin University and in 2016 was appointed Senior Indigenous Fellow of the UN Office of the High Commission for Human Rights in Geneva. Dr. McGlade has led the establishment of legal support services for Aboriginal women and children impacted by family violence and sexual assault in WA. She is currently the chairperson of the Aboriginal Family Law Services WA.

AmyAmy Piedalue

Dr Amy Piedalue is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Australia India Institute and the University of Melbourne. She studies gender, regional modernities, and social movements in contemporary India and South Asian diasporas. Amy is particularly interested in the complex inequalities and social justice possibilities that shape activism responding to gendered violence in marginalized communities. Her recent research explored these issues by looking at grassroots women’s collectives in Hyderabad, India and Seattle, USA. These organizations work closely with Muslim women and communities to address intimate partner violence and promote women’s empowerment, while also resisting structural violence and Islamophobia.

AnnieAnnie Pohlman

Dr Annie Pohlman is Lecturer in Indonesian studies at the University of Queensland, Brisbane. She is the author of Women, Sexual Violence and the Indonesian Killings of 1965-66 (2015) and co-editor of Genocide and Mass Atrocities in Asia (2013). Her research interests include Indonesian history, comparative genocide studies, torture and gendered experiences of violence. Her current research program maps the normalisation of torture in Indonesia between 1965 and 1988.

Sarah WendtSarah Wendt

Sarah is Professor of Social Work at Flinders University. She has published over 40 journal articles on violence against women, two books and an edited collection. Her recent book is titled: Domestic Violence In Diverse Contexts: a re-examination of gender, published by Routledge. Her current research projects explore the impact of domestic violence on women's citizenship, and engaging men to address domestic violence. In particular, Sarah has been researching rural women's experiences of domestic violence for nearly two decades in Australia and more recently how domestic violence work shapes practitioners living and working in rural communities.


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