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Aruni Coorey-Perera

Aruni Coorey-Perera

BA (English)
IT Security, NASA

I started work with the International Space Station Program Office supporting the program's board meetings.

I learned a lot this way. I was responsible for several meetings from start to finish, from preparation work to writing minutes and maintaining web pages. I got to travel a little too, since several of the meetings I supported were multilateral meetings with other space agencies.

My current position is in IT Security - I landed this because of my writing skills and meeting support skills in the Program Office. I have travelled fairly extensively to Russia, Japan, Canada, Italy, and Germany and it has been a wonderful opportunity.

I work with a bunch of really smart people and learn new things everyday. People are surprised when I tell them I have an Arts degree, but they always come to me to proof read documents, and write documents. It is fun and challenging. I never in my wildest dreams thought in 1990 when I graduated, that I would wind up in Houston, Texas, working for the space program!


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