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Below are a few common questions that students ask in relation to studying Arts at UWA.

If your question is not listed below, please contact the Global Learning Office for further information.

How many courses/modules/credits/units will I take?

At UWA, each semester-long course is called a unit and is generally worth six credit points. The standard full-time load is 24 points, that is, four units in a semester.

When do the semesters run?

There are two semesters in a year. Semester 1 runs from late February to late June. Semester 2 runs from late July to late November. For further information please see important dates for the year.

What can I study?

As an exchange and study abroad student, you are welcome to design your own study program including units from any faculty except Medicine and Dentistry. You could study just Arts units, or pursue your interests in Science, Commerce or Design alongside one, two or three Arts units.

Check out what is on offer at Arts. Please note you will also need to take into account the requirements of your home university.

Are there prerequisites for units?

In Arts, Level One units are generally open to anyone. Most Level Two and Three units have prerequisites, so you normally need to have completed some study in relevant areas.

What are classes like?

Arts units typically have 3 contact hours per week but may be more or less. This may include lectures (larger classes where a lecturer presents content), tutorials (smaller groups focused on discussions or practice exercises), laboratory sessions, language conversation practice, workshops or more.

What are assessments like?

Assessments are generally spread throughout the semester. Marks are often allocated for class attendance and participation. You may also have to complete research essays, class presentations, in-class tests, final exams, or even write blog entries or produce a short film.

Where can I find information about units?

The UWA Handbook outlines all units and has details on prerequisites, class and assessment types, and course content for each unit on offer.



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