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Bachelor of Arts

Explore complex ideas from our past and present, harness your creativity and learn how to communicate your ideas to help impact the world of tomorrow.

The Bachelor of Arts (BA) equips you for every aspect of life. Discover your interests, talents and abilities, and structure your degree your way. With a diverse range of subjects in humanities, social sciences, languages and music, a UWA Bachelor of Arts provides you with a broad range of critical skills that will open doors to a variety of career options.

The Bachelor of Arts is very flexible with a wide choice of degree-specific majors (see below). You do not need to choose your final major(s) until your second year so you can try out two or three different subjects to see which interests you most. You will also have the opportunity to choose a second major from this list or from the majors available in the Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Design or Bachelor of Science.

Anthropology and Sociology

uwa anthropology and sociology

Anthropology and Sociology is the study of the nature of humanity along with the complexities of social relationships, and offers a way of understanding the whole context of human experiences.


uwa archaeology

Archaeology is the study of past human societies through their material remains-the things people leave behind.

Asian Studies

uwa asian studies

Asian Studies encompasses a range of topics, including Asian societies, cultures, history, politics, religion and environmental issues.


uwa chinese

Chinese (Mandarin) is the most widely-spoken language in the world and its study can open up extraordinary opportunities for your future.

Classics and Ancient History

uwa classics and ancient history

UWA is the only university in Western Australia where you can study this exciting major. It combines the languages, literature, history, art and archaeology of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisations to give you a holistic picture of this vibrant and eternally relevant era.

Communication and Media Studies

uwa communication and media studies

If you are interested in journalism, the media, film making, multimedia, the web, computer games, and all forms of communication, then this major is for you.

English and Cultural Studies

uwa english and cultural studies

Studying this major will enrich your understanding of major literary, cinematic and theatrical traditions across the globe. You will explore many areas of reading, writing and performance including the study of literature, film, theatre and creative and professional writing.

French Studies

uwa french studies

Studying French at UWA is more than simply learning a language. It's an experience which will open your mind to different cultures and enrich you with knowledge of history.

German Studies

uwa german studies

German is one of the most widely-spoken languages in Europe and as a result, can open doors to many enriching cultural experience.


uwa history

A society without history is like a person with no memory. Not knowing how we got to where we are, we would have no idea where we might be going. Studying History introduces you to the way we create the collective memory of the human race.

History of Art*

uwa history of art

The History of Art major introduces you to art within the whole spectrum of our visual experience.

Human Geography and Planning*

uwa human geography and planning

Human Geography and Planning involves understanding and guiding the development of cities and regions.

Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage*

uwa indigenous knowledge

A major in Indigenous Knowledge, History and Heritage will allow you to explore the worldview and historical experiences of Indigenous peoples in Australia as well as critically analyse Western disciplinary constructs around Indigenous knowledge and peoples.


uwa indonesian

A major in Indonesian enables you to achieve a high level of fluency in the language and learn about the unique culture and history of the country.

Italian Studies

uwa italian studies

Italian is a rewarding language to learn as it also explores the riches of Italy's cultural past and its dynamic present.


uwa japanese

Studying Japanese language, culture and society means taking a significant step towards becoming Asia-literate - an important attribute for future global citizens, particularly in Australia.

Korean Studies

uwa korean studies

The new Korean Studies major combines learning the language with the study of Korean related subjects in various disciplines.

Law and Society*

uwa law

The Law and Society major examines broad theoretical issues about the nature of law and society as well as how the relationship plays out in particular fields of legal and social policy at both domestic and international levels.


uwa linguistics

Linguistics is the study of the nature of human language and communication. Linguistics is concerned with what all languages have in common as well as how individual languages differ from one another. The methods and concepts of linguistics are not biased towards any particular language or languages.

Music Studies & Music Specialist Studies

uwa music

Through Music Studies, you have the opportunity to learn music in a variety of ways including performance, composition, history and education.

Specialist Music Studies is a stepping stone to a variety of careers in the music profession.


uwa philosophy

The study of Philosophy involves thinking about some of the big questions we ask during our lifetime.These questions can cover an immense range. For example: Does God exist? Do the sciences tell us the truth about the world? How can we say what we mean? Are other people's experiences like our own? What does it mean to be conscious? What are emotions and how are they relevant to our lives?

Political Science and International Relations

uwa political science and international relations

Political Science and International Relations provides an understanding of governments and political systems in Australia and internationally.

Psychology in Society*

uwa psychology

Psychology in Society is a fascinating and diverse area of study that touches upon many aspects of daily life. It seeks to answer questions about how and why people think and behave the way they do.

Work and Employment Relations*

uwa workplace and employment relations

Blend politics, law, sociology, economics, history, and more as you investigate and challenge the policies and institutions designed to help both employers and employees get the most out of their relationship.

* These are administered outside of the School of Humanities, School of Social Sciences and School of Music.

^ Students wishing to take Chinese or Indonesian must sit a placement test designed to determine the language stream that is most suitable for each student.



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