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Students living in Hong Kong can undertake a Bachelor of Arts thanks to the partnership between UWA and HKU SPACE International College (IC). Students can pick from a major in Communication and Media Studies or Asian Studies (choosing from a Japanese or Korean language stream).

This is an internationally recognised, high quality, full time course of study.  On the basis of successfully completed prior studies, commencing students are awarded advanced standing of one year.  Students study sixteen units over two years, which are designed to provide a stimulating and integrated course of study.

Our courses are truly international, and are taught jointly by UWA and HKU academic staff.  We use a range of methods, including lectures, weekly seminars and tutorials at IC and through the provision of online material, including lecture material specifically developed for the Hong Kong program.   UWA staff visit Hong Kong on a regular basis, and you can expect to meet and work with a wide range of expert academics from Australia and Hong Kong during the course of your studies.

The academic year is divided into two semesters: September to December, and February to June.  A successfully completed student will have studied four units per semester over two years.  As a UWA student within a HKU SPACE program, you have access to resources that both institutions offer, including the world-class libraries at Hong Kong University and (through on-line access) The University of Western Australia.  As a UWA student, you are welcome on the Perth campus, as a visitor or transferring student.

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