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Social Research Ethics (SOCS5005)

This intensive unit explores the range of ethical issues that social research generates.

Master of Social Research Methods

Topics such as the notion of doing no harm, requirements around informed consent, issues of conflicts of interest, working with vulnerable groups, the dissemination of results, and the role of values in research, are covered. Case studies are used to illustrate the range of ethical dilemmas across a number of contexts.

Students are able to identify the range of ethical issues that may arise in social research, understand Australian human research ethics requirements and their application, use ethical principles and reasoning to determine appropriate responses to particular ethical dilemmas in social research, and complete an ethics application form.

We welcome all those interested in the ethics of social research, be they practitioners, ethics infrastructure administrators, or higher degree students.

This unit is a part of the Master of Social Research Methods degree, however students outside of this course structure are able to undertake this unit.

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Ashlee Pitcher
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Brian Pranata
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Unit information

Unit Structure

Contact hours - 24 hours taught intensively and may include evening and/or Saturday classes.

Credit: 6 points


1. Why care about ethics and integrity?

2. Approaches to ethics

3. Avoiding harm and doing good

4. Informed consent; confidentiality

5. The politics of ethics

6. How to write an ethics application

7. Integrity and misconduct

9. The research gaze

10. Ethical conundrums, quandaries and predicaments

Unit Assessment

Typically this unit is assessed in the following ways: (1) an essay; (2) an ethics application; and (3) an oral presentation. Further information is available in the unit outline.

Supplementary assessment is not available in this unit.

More information about the course structure and the units offered is available on the UWA Handbooks website.

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