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Postgraduate Coordinators

Looking for advice about a postgraduate course? You've come to the right place!

Postgraduate Coursework Coordinators

If you are looking for advice regarding a postgraduate coursework course, such as a graduate certificate, a graduate diploma, or a master's by coursework, please get in touch with the relevant person listed below.

If you need to have a Postgraduate Course Pathway signed for your postgraduate coursework application please get in touch with the relevant person listed below.

Master of Heritage Studies
Graduate Diploma in Heritage Studies
Graduate Certificate in Heritage Studies
W/Prof Ben Smith
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Master of International Journalism

Assoc/Prof Rob Cover

Master of International Relations
Graduate Diploma in International Relations
Graduate Certificate in International Relations

Prof Sarah Percy

Master of Medieval and Early Modern Studies
Prof Andrew Lynch
Master of Music Practitioner Studies
Graduate Diploma in Music Practitioner Studies
Graduate Certificate in Music Practitioner Studies
Assoc/Prof Nicholas Bannan
Master of Professional Archaeology
Graduate Diploma in Professional Archaeology
Graduate Certificate in Professional Archaeology
Asst/Prof Thomas Whitley
Master of Strategic Communication
Graduate Diploma in Strategic Communication
Graduate Certificate in Strategic Communication

Assoc/Prof Rob Cover

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Master of Social Research Methods
Graduate Diploma in Research Methods
Graduate Certificate in Research Methods
Prof Farida Fozdar
Master of Translation Studies
Prof Hélène Jaccomard
HDR Preliminary relevant Honours Coodinator  askUWA

Graduate Research Coordinators

If you are looking for advice regarding a graduate research course, such as a master's by research, or a PhD, visit the contacts list available on the Graduate Research School website.

Research Coordinators are listed by School.

 In the Faculty of Arts this comprises of:

Honours Coordinators

If you are looking for advice regarding an honours or honours-equivalent course, such as the bachelor of arts (honours) or the graduate diploma in arts (advanced), please visit the contacts list available on the askUWA website.

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