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How to apply for a postgraduate coursework degree

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Access the online application system

You are a System to use
Current UWA Student OASys, the online application system, accessed via Student Connect
Australian applicants Visit the "How to apply" page on the UWA website first. You will then be directed to OASys to complete your application. Information on what to expect as part of the OASys application process is also detailed below.
International applicants Visit the "My Application" page on the UWA website.

Not sure if you're a domestic or international student? askUWA

Alternatively you can access OASys directly.

Applications for Postgraduate Research are handled differently. Read more here.

Applications for Undergraduate courses typically need to apply via TISC or Admissions.

What to expect

There are 14 Steps in the Online Application System (OASys).

Set aside about 30 minutes to answer all of the questions. You may stop at any time and return to your application at a later date. You can also go back and edit any of your answers before you hit "submit".

Before you begin
Create an account
1. Applicant Details
Basic details about you
2. Additional Information
Citizenship status, previous UWA ID if you have one.
3. Additional Information Have you lodged an application with us already?
4. Advanced Standing Recognition of Prior Learning or Credit.
5. Course Details
Select course, full-time or part-time study mode, study area, & let us know why you are applying.
6. Secondary Education Details
This step will ask for your high school 'score'. Entering the score is not compulsory however, so if you don't know it, skip this step.
7. Tertiary Education Details
Have you completed tertiary studies and if so where and when?
8. Other Qualifications
Non-university qualifications that you think might be relevant to the course you are applying for.
9. Work Experience / Employment Details
Work history - only if it may be relevant to the course.
10. English Proficiency and other Admission Test Details

Tell us how you meet UWA’s English Language Competence (ELC).

Domestic students generally meet their English Language Competency (ELC) requirements by having studied at least two years at a tertiary level in an English-speaking university.

For more information about ELC requirements see English Language Competence.

11. Document Upload

Upload supporting documents.

OASys accepts .jpg .pdf and .doc files as well as many other common file types. The documents you need to upload is covered in the 'Get Organised' section of How to Apply.

Feel free to scan all your documents into one multipage .pdf if you are able. But please tell us what is included in your file by typing a short note in the Comments box.

Please be aware that scanned/uploaded documents in OASys are only sufficient for the assessment stage of the application process.

Where UWA has not sighted original documents, successful applicants are given "conditional" offers rather than straight out offers. The "conditions" being that original documents need to be presented to the Admissions Centre for sighting.

Please be aware that all conditions on an offer need to be met before you can enrol, so applicants are encouraged to resent original documents to the Arts Student Office at their earliest convenience.

12. Review Application
Read through your answers, and edit if you need to.
13. Applicant Declaration
Declare that your application is correct.
14. Submit Application
15. Confirmation of Application Receipt
Your application has been received by the system.
16. Confirmation of Submission email
We have sent you an email confirming the receipt of your application.


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