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Supervisor's role

The role of the supervisor is to negotiate the project, support the student and provide feedback on the practicum placement.

You will:

  • consult with the student to develop a suitable project – refer to the list of practicum outcomes to guide this discussion
  • negotiate a work schedule
  • help the student complete the placement confirmation form to confirm the scope of the project
  • contact the student regularly to check on the scope and progress of the project
  • provide ongoing support and guidance to the student

Supervisor’s feedback

As the supervisor, you will be required to:

Feedback is valuable for the students' personal and professional development. Supervisors could use the evaluation form as part of a performance development review as they might with other staff. Students will be given a copy of their supervisor's evaluation with their graded reports unless the supervisor indicates it should be kept confidential.


You can indicate on the online evaluation form if you want your feedback to be considered confidential.

Students are also reminded to be aware of any commercial confidentiality issues when submitting their report on their placement project.

Negotiating suitable work

Practicum work should use the generic skills student have gained through studies in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: research, critical analysis and communication (written, oral and interpersonal). Communication Studies students may have skills in digital media production, and Asian and European studies students often have specialised language skills.

In all cases, it is imperative that a clearly defined project should be developed with the student.

While the work may require some administration and other chores, students can and should do work of value to their host organisation, not volumes of data entry or repetitive tasks that require little cognitive input.

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