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Supervisors and students should discuss these outcomes when defining a discrete project and agree on what is expected of the student over the course of the placement.

Generic outcomes

At the end of their practicum the student should be able to:

  • demonstrate reflective practices that enable strategic identification and articulation of specific goals
  • demonstrate initiative and the ability to work independently, as required by the host supervisor
  • demonstrate a range of effective workplace communications 
  • identify relevant generic skills acquired through their study in Arts 
  • evaluate the application of their relevant generic skills to the Arts Practicum placement
  • critically evaluate the purpose, value, and socio-cultural impact of the Arts Practicum placement

Content-specific outcomes

These should be selected and modified according to the placement.

Within the context of the industry, sector, field or profession related to the placement, the student should:

  • acquire knowledge of an organisational culture
  • develop an understanding of communication networks in a particular industry
  • demonstrate the ability to manage time and resources in order to complete the project successfully
  • demonstrate the ability to work in collaboration with colleagues
  • demonstrate the ability to generate constructive responses to any problems or challenges that may arise
  • demonstrate the ability to record, organise and manage information
  • apply knowledge of relevant themes or theories to the practicum project
  • apply analytical and research skills in the execution of the practicum project
  • demonstrate competence in the use of professional writing conventions
  • utilise industry-specific skills in the execution of the practicum project
  • demonstrate competence in the use of relevant equipment, software and other tools

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