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We have had two Practicum students now and both have made a very valuable contribution to our organisation. A fresh approach and fresh eyes are always of value if you want to evaluate how you are doing your business and how you can do it better, and if you want to grow and learn. To have someone young and dynamic ... is a real asset to us. It also helps my staff to develop their own management and mentoring skills.

And at the end of the placement, there is a product ... and (this) can be of great value to the organisation.

Deidre O'Donnell, State Ombudsman

Through the Arts Practicum you can tap into a pool of enthusiastic and highly able students who can work on a project of real value to you.

The Arts Practicum is a bridge between university study and workplace experience that enables Arts students to use their skills in a workplace project based on an organisation's needs.

Arts students possess sophisticated analytical, research and communication skills, a capacity for innovation, and a high level of flexibility through their courses.

  1. The project
  2. Timeframe
  3. Supervisor's role
  4. Insurance
  5. Paid work

The project

You can design projects with students that meet both your organisation's aims and the student's interests. These projects can advance new initiatives or provide invaluable assistance in completing meaningful projects.

Past projects with previous organisations have included research, policy development, writing and editing material for distribution or publication, development of digital media materials, assistance with marketing projects, research for market development, event organisation and community liaison.

Project outcomes remain the property of the employer and UWA respects commercial confidentiality.

Contact the Arts Practicum Coordinator if you would like to participate as a host organisation or have further queries.

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  • Minimum of 100 hours of work
  • Usually on the basis of one day per week, but other arrangements can be negotiated with the student
  • Can be completed during summer or mid-year study breaks with a more intensive schedule
  • Generally begin in March, July, November or January but other start-dates can also be negotiated

You should negotiate a timeframe that suits you and the student.

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Supervisor's role

The role of the supervisor is to negotiate the project, support the student and provide feedback on the practicum placement.

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Students undertaking a practicum in Australia are covered by UWA's Student Personal Accident Insurance Policy and Public Liability Insurance Policy.

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Paid work

Practicum work is part of the student's university study and there is no requirement for the student to be paid. Furthermore, students' insurance policies are not valid if they are paid.

Contact the Arts Practicum Coordinator if you would like to participate as a host organisation or have further queries.

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